Third stream activities

Third stream activities are an important task for Gender Studies at Södertörn University. With no interaction, the subject and its research lose contact with the surrounding community, and thus also the ability to provide relevant education and research with impact and credibility.

All the categories of power that interact with gender and sexuality, such as class, ethnicity, age, religion and disability are of interest for a gender studies scholar, which means that the scholar must interact with the community. Expertise in gender issues is also something that is increasingly in demand in many and varies areas of society. Both public and private administration, such as schools, media, county councils, organisations and businesses understand the importance of bringing up and discussing gender issues. We are contacted by many players who want to cooperate with us, with everything from interviews and lectures, to on-site student projects and bespoke education. A concrete example of third stream activities is the second semester of our one-year Master’s programme, when the students perform an independent investigation at a public authority, business or organisation. Many of our students are also active in organisations and associations with a gender perspective as its driving force. Their continued work after graduating provides further links in our third stream activities.

All this makes gender studies a very dynamic environment, not least because teaching staff and researchers also actively cooperate and network outside the university. Academically, gender studies is both a national and international field and our staff often cooperate with colleagues at other academic institutions, supervise doctoral students, lecture and teach, and serve of examining committees and research councils. We work regularly with external organisation, such as RFSL ­– the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights, RFSU, Tankeverket, public authorities and Stockholm Pride, and we offer contract education. Many of our lecturers are regular contributors to the daily and popular press, lecture outside the university, participate in panel discussions, in television and radio programmes, or in other contexts. Staff members also participate on editorial boards for the magazines Bang, Slut, and Tidskriften Genus (Ulrika Dahl), in Arena Idé’s scholarly board (Katarina Mattsson), and the fiction section of the Swedish Writers’ Union (Hanna Hallgren). The academic school is also home to the Nordic scholarly cultural journal Lambda Nordica.