History at Södertörn University focuses on describing, understanding and explaining different types of historical events and processes using a scholarly and reflective approach.

Our research examines both modern and older periods in both Sweden and other areas of the world. The Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe is a particularly important area. Much of our research also has a specific focus on gender, class and ethnicity, and we also work closely with the Institute of Contemporary History.

Research results are published in a variety of ways, in international and Swedish scholarly journals, and as books in Swedish and English. The subject also strives to popularise and make research accessible to a wider public.

Research in history is funded by a range of external and internal bodies, with a major financier being the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. Current research projects are presented on each researcher’s webpage.

We are part of two graduate schools: the National Graduate School of History External link, opens in new window. and the Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS).

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