Our research

Journalism in the community can be regarded from varying perspectives – as a profession, as media content and as a societal institution.

Research in Journalism at Södertörn University revolves around two broad areas, which also correspond to our two longer degree programmes:

  • Journalism and the development of the media – this area has had links to Södertörn’s profile for undergraduate education since it started in 1998, with an emphasis on digital media and close cooperation with Media Technology. Research in the field covers the professional roles of journalists and work processes, editorial convergence and forms of expression on digital platforms, with areas such as data journalism. It also includes audience aspects of media development, such as the audiences on digital platforms.
  • Journalism and society – this area builds upon journalism’s links to the research area of social sciences. Here, research covers the role and significance of journalism in the different levels of political communication, from the importance and development of local journalism, to the relationships between politicians and journalists. Global perspectives are also important in this area, such as the role of journalism in wars and conflicts and the development of global media.

Many of the teaching staff and researchers in Journalism at Södertörn have a background as journalists, while also have doctoral-level education. This means that a great deal of our research can be described as practice-based or practice-led, research based upon editorial work processes and professional roles in journalism. Language and forms of expression are also important areas of research.

To develop the subject of Journalism as a distinct area of research, there is a pressing need to organise cooperation with the profession and the media industry that includes journalism. This cooperation deals with the development of the practice-based research that is necessary for knowledge-building and for journalism education.

New research projects are being continually developed with partners in media companies and with researchers in Sweden and abroad. Ongoing research in journalism is presented at higher seminars in Journalism, which present research from Södertörn and other universities. To see the programme, keep an eye on the calendar on the university website.

Some of the journalism research produced at Södertörn University is published in Journalism’s own report series. Researchers also publish their research as scholarly articles and in books. (The easiest search route is each researcher’s list of publications.)