Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with learning in mathematics, with a focus on the contents of mathematics and how this can be concretised and broken down so that learning in mathematics can take place in a meaningful manner. The subject has evolved from Mathematics as a subject, supported by sciences such as didactics, education, psychology and sociology.

Mathematics Education is a core subject on Teacher Education programmes, and includes studies of mathematics with a focus on basic mathematical ideas, mathematical language, terminology, mathematical structures and concepts and methods, mathematical education and mathematical didactics and methodology, as well as general teaching and learning.

Current research in the subject conducted at Södertörn University has a practice-based character. It focuses on issues that are relevant to teaching mathematics in schools, such as how to concretise and break down content, looking at mathematical structures, concepts and methods, and how the meaning of this content can be communicated so that learning in mathematics can take place in a meaningful and sustainable manner that promotes pupils’ mathematical reasoning and knowledge.

For more information about our research, please visit the School for Natural Sciences, Technology and Enviromental Studies.


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