Media Technology

Media Technology is an interdisciplinary, design-oriented technological subject at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies. The subject has been offered at Södertörn University since 2001, and specialises in the design and analysis of digital media.

Research in media technology has a multidisciplinary nature and focuses on technology and the design of digital media and digital medialising artefacts. The methods and issues in this research overlap those of related subjects in technology, in which technological medialisation and figuration are applied. The primary object of this research revolves around design.

Research studies the relationships between human practices, media and technology from different perspectives, for example experiences, design, materiality, power, organisation, social organisation, sustainability, participation, and children and young people. The university’s research focus on the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe provide a theme that touches on local and regional perspectives on the use of technology, design and development.

Research is conducted within a number of areas: gaming, interaction design, informatics, education and computer engineering. We have created three themes for our research out of this: Experience and Use, Critical Perspectives and Digital Design and Emerging Media Technologies.

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