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25 Apr

Sjyst data! Closing Conference - Lab and Certification!

The Sjyst Data! Closing Conference presents project initiatives that boost data driven services with privacy in focus. We invite you to learn how your company can benefit from future offerings, share your needs and mingle with us! When: Thursday April 25th 2024, 13.00 - 17.00

07 May

Streams without Consciousness: AI and Automated Thinking.

Higher Seminar in Media and Communication Studies with Caroline Bassett, University of Cambridge.

01 Jul
05 Jul

A “New Security Landscape” in Europe? Challenges and Consequences for Military and Society

The deteriorating security situation in Eastern Europe and across the Baltic Sea region has amplified the need to rethink defence strategies, collaborations, and organisation. Recent years have also seen a shift in many countries’ security and defence policies and practices.