We organise regular higher seminars, guest lectures, symposia and other events. At the higher seminar, that is generally held on Friday, invited researchers, the subject’s teaching staff and doctoral students present their research. Any relevant texts are often distributed via e-mail. To receive material and the seminar programme, please contact Hans Ruin who coordinates and leads the higher seminar.

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31 May

Public defence of doctoral thesis with Karl Katz Lydén

Karl Katz Lydén defends his thesis ”Critique and the Care of the Self: The Economy of Truth and Government in Michel Foucault's Late Work”.

13 Jun
14 Jun

Forms of Autonomy: Aesthetic Theory between Experimental Art and Cultural Policy

An International Conference at Södertörn University and Hägerstensåsens Medborgarhus, Stockholm, June 13-14, 2024.

01 Jul
05 Jul

A “New Security Landscape” in Europe? Challenges and Consequences for Military and Society

The deteriorating security situation in Eastern Europe and across the Baltic Sea region has amplified the need to rethink defence strategies, collaborations, and organisation. Recent years have also seen a shift in many countries’ security and defence policies and practices.