Research projects and publications


Publications from our researchers are listed in the research database DiVA. External link, opens in new window.

Research projects

Listed below you find information about current research projects. Of the listing is empty there are no current information available. Please visit our Swedish page for more information.

Knowledge production through Yazidi women’s war narratives

Troubling Testimonies

Conflict Prevention in Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration and Urban Governance

Vulnerable Cities

A longitudinal study of state - Muslim civil society relations

Muslims and the Swedish model

Evidence from post-Soviet Estonia and post-independence Finland

Conscription as Political Socialization in Divided Societies?

Exploring interaction between prime ministers and the media in Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden

Symbiotic leader-media relations?

Power and Selection in Comparative Perspective

Political Parties and their Leaders

Assessing Government-Business Cooperation in the EU Defence Sector

Joint Effort for the Defence Industry (J.E.D.I.)

Continuity and Change in Russian Space Policy

Russia in Space