Political Science and International Relations

Within Political Science at Södertörn, research and teaching are integrated at all levels. In our middle-sized university, there is more contact between students and teachers than at bigger institutions. As a Södertörn student, you stand out.

All teachers in Political Science are also active researchers. Research interests range across the breadth of the subject, but we have particular emphasis on:

  • institutions – parties, states, organisations and regions;
  • ideas – power, democracy, justice, expertise and technology;
  • identity – migration, ethnicity, nationalism and minorities.

At Södertörn, you can take free-standing courses and choose to specialise in Political Science within various study programmes, such as the Europe and IMER programmes, and within teacher training.

The profile of our two-year master programme in Political Science, which is taught in English, is Democratic Governance.

A doctoral degree in Political Science can also be acquired at Södertörn. The doctoral programme is organised within the multidisciplinary area of Politics, Economics and the Organisation of Society (PESO).

Political Science and International Relations (IR) are two distinct undergraduate subjects at Södertörn. In respect to both teaching and research, however, they are closely integrated.


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