Activating children

Activating children from multi-ethnic disadvantaged urban areas today for a more sustainable tomorrow: playing and experimenting for sustainability leadership.


Teachers Education at Södertörn university

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This project is seeking to contribute at leisure education and to that end seeks to investigate teachers' and educators’ needs for content, activities and tools meant to be used with children (6-12 years), coming from ethnically diverse and disadvantaged urban areas, to communicate about sustainability leadership, and seeking to build on children’s’ skills, and competences, and inspire them.

We will carry out a systematic review of academic literature about "activities, tools and approaches for teacher / educator engagement on sustainability with children from multi-ethnic disadvantaged urban areas". We will also undertake semi-structured interviews with 20 school teachers and 20 afterschool educators, to explore on-going challenges and needs in their work on sustainability leadership with children from multi-ethnic and disadvantaged urban areas. In this we will focus on teachers and educators who are currently working with children (6-12 years) in the South East of Stockholm.

We plan to interview respondents working in different contexts, i.e., respondents working prevalently in i) multi-ethnic areas, and further respondents working in ii) areas with prevalent ethnic Swedes. We plan to undertake field work in Ronna (Södertälje) and Flemingsberg, both being multi-ethnic districts; and Stuvsta and Huddinge having a prevalence of ethnic Swedes.

Based on the insight generated we plan to develop, test and assess an activity, with the accompanying tools and materials, for use by teachers and educators in their work with children (6-12 years) from multi-ethnic urban areas.

Romina Rodela, PhD, researcher

Kari Lehtilä, professor

Eva Färjsjö, lecturer

Andrea Didon, lecturer

Research area / geographic area

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies Teacher Education Mathematics Education Environmental Science Environmental Studies Teaching and learning Sweden

Project time

2019 — 2020


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