Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World:
An Excellence Hub in Research, Education and Public Outreach

An Excellence Hub in Research, Education and Public Outreach



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An Excellence Hub in Research, Education and Public Outreach ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World: An Ex­cel­lence Hub in Research, Education and Pub­lic Out­reach) aims at facilitating original research on the Nordic region within a challenging global context. Promoting mobility, exchange, conferences, and education, it brings together six Nordic universities in a strategic hub with world-wide connections. It involves the humanities and social sciences, including diverse strands of scholarship engaged with Norden. Within ReNEW, Södertörn University has the particular task of contributing to the problematisation of relations with overlapping and adjacent areas such as the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. ReNEW also facilitates cooperation and partnership between researchers and decision makers from the public, private and third sector.

Applying cross-disciplinary and critical analyses ReNEW examines Nordic responses to global challenges in order to better understand their paradoxes, added-value, and limitations. Six cross-cutting themes are the initial focus of activities:

  1. Nordic cooperation and region-building
  2. Democracy, governance, and law
  3. Public policy, gender equality, and labour markets
  4. Imagining Norden – branding and reputation
  5. Multiculturalism and globalization
  6. Culture and media

Major instruments for achieving the goals of ReNEW are:

  • A mobility and exchange programme for scholars and students.
  • Educating a new generation of scholars through an annual Summer School and other Phd and post-doc research training activities.
  • Conferences and seminars including smaller workshops and an annual conference arranged at one of the six partner universities
  • Public outreach, providing research-based knowledge with relevance for policy-making institutions and promoting dialogue with policy-makers, business, and third sector activists.
  • Raising the standard and international visibility of academic publishing on the Nordic region by concentrating the expertise, establishing a book series, and by providing an opportunity for researchers to publish their aritcles in a wide range of first class journals.
  • Establishing a digital resource and a web platform that offers a comprehensive source of research-based information on the Nordic countries in easily-accessible formats.

ReNEW is a joint venture of the University of Helsinki, the University of Oslo, Södertörn University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, and the University of Iceland.

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Incoming researchers:

  • Isak M. Vento (University of Helsinki), hosted by Political Science, Feb–Apr 2019
  • Andreas Mørkved Hellenes (University of Oslo), hosted by the Institute of Contemporary History, Sept–Dec 2018

Outgoing researchers:

  • Carl Marklund, 2019

  • Neoliberalism in the Nordics, 6–7 December 2018, MaxPo Center for Coping with Instability in Market Societies, Paris
  • Transnationalism and Nation-states: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 11–12 Oct 2018, University of Helsinki

  • Monica Quirico, CBEES annual conference, Södertörn University, 29–30 Nov 2018
  • Andrej Kotljarchuk, “States of Ex­cep­tion” and the Polit­ics of An­ger, Reykjavík, 19–20 Oct 2018
  • David Gaunt, “States of Ex­cep­tion” and the Polit­ics of An­ger, Reykjavík, 19–20 Oct 2018
  • Carl Marklund, Nordic Models in the Age of Populism, Boston, 26–28 Sept 2018
  • Kazimierz Musiał, Second Nordic Challenges Conference, Helsinki. 7‒9 Mar 2018
  • Apostolis Papakostas, Second Nordic Challenges Conference, Helsinki. 7‒9 Mar 2018

Norbert Götz, Professor, School of Historical and Contemporary Studies - project manager

Anna Bark Persson, Doctoral Student, School of Culture and Education

Joakim Ekman, Professor, Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES)

Martin Johansson, Doctoral Student, School of Historical and Contemporary Studies

Steffen Werther, Senior Lecturer, PhD, School of Historical and Contemporary Studies

Ulla Manns, Professor, Executive Management

Research area / geographic area

Historical and Contemporary Studies Culture and Education Archaeology Archival Science Studies in Practical Knowledge English Aesthetics Ethnology Philosophy Business Studies Gender Studies History History of Ideas International Relations Journalism Art History Comparative Literature Media and Communication Studies Economics Public Law Psychology Study of Religions Rhetoric Social Work Sociology Swedish Tourism Studies CBEES The Institute of Contemporary History Historical Studies Critical and Cultural Theory Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe Sweden Baltic Eastern Europe

Project time

2018 — 2023


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