Södertörn University has converted to distance education – no teaching on university premises from Wednesday 18 March

The Swedish Government's recommendation is that all higher education institutions move to distance education from 18 March. Södertörn University has followed this recommendation and there is no teaching on university premises. Students are asked to stay updated about their course or programme via SH-StudyWeb. Staff and students can access the university premises with their keycards and both Infocenter and the library are open.




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Social work

As an academic subject, Social Work covers studies of social vulnerability and its causes and consequences for individuals, groups and society, as well as studies of the practice of social work, including interventions at individual, organisational and societal levels.

Our profile is interdisciplinary and includes subjects such as Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Epidemiology and Societal Law. A dominating theme is that of urban issues, which corresponds well with the subject’s degree programme, “Social Work Programme, Urban Profile”. Other prominent themes are children and young people, schools, civil society, health, alcohol and drugs. The subject includes studies of actions that aim to lessen, eradicate and prevent social vulnerability.


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