The Study of Religions

Knowledge of religion has become all the more important in understanding the world around us. Religion is a significant factor in everything from ongoing conflicts in the Middle East to social change in contemporary Sweden. The Study of Religions aims to describe, understand and explain religion as a hum cultural phenomenon. In the Study of Religions at Södertörn University, religion is primarily studied using historical, ethnographic, psychological and sociological perspectives.

Research in the Study of Religions at Södertörn University focuses on contemporary religion in Sweden, around the Baltic Sea region and globally. Our primary areas of research are:

  • Traditions within Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Western esotericism
  • Multi-religiosity and secularism in contemporary Sweden
  • Religion and health
  • Religion in schools

Contemporary society has a great need for the knowledge generated by religious studies. Public debate about religious phenomena is often polarised between differing interests, so there is a real need for an academic perspective that is politically and religiously independent. Our teachers and researchers are active in public debate and great emphasis is placed on international cooperation and international perspectives in research.

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