Third stream activities

Many of our teachers and researchers actively work with the surrounding community through their participation in the mass media, popular science book releases and public lectures. They are also members of public enquiries and expert groups. The subject has long established partnerships with Hälsingland Museum, the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities, the Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities.

Our courses and programmes are largely based upon students becoming familiar with various relevant religious environments and others that are relevant to the Study of Religions in the local area. As part of their education, students meet people from a range of contexts, including through study visits, placements and invited guests. This cooperation gives students the opportunity to use their scholarly skills in religion on the labour market, thus preparing them for their future working lives.

The Study of Religions also provides continuing professional education for various societal sectors, including schools, nurse training, diplomat training, the armed forces, the police, Fryshuset and the Church of Sweden. Researchers in the subject also conduct research and investigative tasks for state authorities such as MSB (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) and SST (the Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities).