Exchange agreements and programmes

Read more about the university’s exchange agreements and programmes for studying abroad.

The university’s exchange agreements for the 2018/2019 academic year

The university has around 370 exchange places at foreign universities through the Erasmus+, ISEP and Linnaeus-Palme exchange programmes. We also have separate agreements with specific universities, known as bilateral agreements. All exchange places mean that you, as a student, do not need to pay any tuition fees at the host university. You can also transfer the credits from the courses you study if certain requirements are fulfilled.

The university is continually developing its exchange agreements, which means that universities and countries are added or removed throughout the year. If you have question, talk to the international officers at the International Office or email

Read more about the university’s exchange agreements and programmes:


Södertörn University has offered exchange places as part of the Erasmus programme since the autumn semester of 1998. Erasmus+ gives students in Swedish higher education the opportunity to go on a placement or study in another European country. The university currently has about 80 Erasmus agreements in 24 countries.

Erasmus+ is the EU’s education programme for education, training, youth and sport. The aim of the programme is to promote international cooperation.

Studying abroad

Erasmus+ allows students to study at another European university for 3-12 months (per study level). As an Erasmus student, you study on the same terms as the students in the host country and can have the credits transferred when you return home.

For more information about Erasmus+, visit the Swedish Council for Higher Education’s website.external link, opens in new window

Handbook for students travelling via Erasmus+ PDF

Erasmus+ Grant

Erasmus students get a grant that is paid by their home university, as long as the grant conditions are fulfilled. The grant is to cover extra costs associated with studying abroad.

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Through ISEP, the International Student Exchange Program, Södertörn University is able to offer 4-5 students per semester the opportunity to study in the US in all subjects.

This is a programme that is best for people who are flexible about where they want to study. You choose from the university’s ordinary course offering and study alongside American students. Your accommodation is arranged and you do not have to pay tuition fees.

What is ISEP?

ISEP is now an international, member-financed organisation that organises student exchanges between universities around the world. If you want to study abroad you can apply to any of the American member universities, with one exception – you may only choose one of the most popular universities where there is great competition for places.

You will be offered a place for one semester. In some cases it is possible to extend this to two semesters. The exchange is built upon the principle of a student for a student (i.e. if we host one American student we can send a student from Södertörn) and that each student is liable for costs at their home university.

Application process ISEP

Applications to ISEP study exchanges have two stages.

  1. You start by applying for an exchange place in ISEP through Södertörn University via the link on our website, in just the same way as you apply for other exchange places. You do not apply to a specific university at this stage.

    The applications round for the spring semester of 2020 is open 1-31 March 2019. To apply, log in using your username and password for SH-StudyWeb.

    Information about eligibility and how to apply is available here.
  2. After the application deadline, it takes about a week for us to process your application. When the nominations are finished, we send an e-mail to all applicants (to the e-mail address you provided in your application). If you have been nominated, you must send us a decision within a week and, if you say yes, you must attend an obligatory meeting at Södertörn University after the nomination. We go through the ISEP application process at that meeting. The date of the meeting will be emailed to you.
  3. After your application is complete, it is reviewed by the international officers at Södertörn University and then sent to ISEP in Washington D.C., which allocates places. You will be notified about your place about eight weeks after the ISEP application deadline.

ISEP costs (NB! after you receive an ISEP place via Södertörn University)

As an exchange student via ISEP, you pay an advance fee to Södertörn University. This covers food and accommodation for a semester studying in the US and is not a tuition fee. The cost of a visa, any vaccines, travel and local expenses, such as a travel card and course literature, are additional.

  • The fee for an ISEP exchange is currently (since Nov 2017) SEK 30,000 and can be paid with student financing. It is for food and accommodation during your exchange and is not a tuition fee (no tuition fees are charged for the exchange)
  • ISEP charges an application fee when you send in your application to them. This is currently USD 100 (Nov 2017).
  • You pay a placement fee to ISEP when you are awarded a specific exchange place, USD 325 (Nov 2017)
  • You will need to take out ISEP’s insurance policy during your exchange. This is compulsory and costs USD 86 per month (Nov 2017).
  • The TOEFL test costs USD 260 (Nov 2017).

Important information about the ISEP application (NB! after you receive an ISEP place via Södertörn University)

  • You can list up to ten universities in the US in your application to ISEP. Information about which universities are members of ISEPexternal link, opens in new window.
  • A letter of recommendation is attached to your application. This should be written in English by one of your teachers at Södertörn University. More information about this is on ISEP’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window and in the application documents.
  • Most universities in the US require good TOEFL results for admission – the results are attached to your application. It is important that you check what TOEFL results are required by the universities you have chosen in your application. It is also important that you register for TOEFL in good time. See the list of planned test dates.external link, opens in new window
  • ISEP’s application process is extensive, so you should take the time to check which universities are of interest and what courses they offer.
  • Read the information on ISEP’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window, it has useful tips for choosing a university in the US.


Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for lecturers and students at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. It aims to boost cooperation between Swedish higher education institutions and universities in developing countries, contributing to mutual exchange.

The programme is funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and is administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The exchange is one semester of full-time study and credits must be transferred when you return. The purpose of the exchange is to give students from Sweden and developing countries qualified academic education, international experience and an understanding of different cultures.

Agreements within Linnaeus-Palme 2018-2019

Contact the international officers via at Södertörn University if you have questions.

Applications for LP places for the spring semester 2019

All applications to Linnaeus-Palme are done via an electronic application form and, like other exchange places, are applied for via the website for studying abroad. Unfortunately, if you have been nominated for a place where no funding is allocated, you will not be able to travel.

Projects that have applied for funding for student exchanges are:

Armenia - Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU)

Four students for one semester in Business Studies. Eligibility: At least 60 credits in Business Studies and the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies at Södertörn University before the exchange starts. Level: Master’s

Contact at Södertörn: Paulina Rytkönen and Yohanan Stryjan, School of Social Sciences

More information

Information about courses, etc., at the university is provided by the relevant subject/school at Södertörn University. If you have questions about the application, please contact the international officers via

How do I apply for an LP place for spring semester 2019?

The application deadline for an LP place is 31 January 2019. You can apply for several exchange places to make sure you get another place if the LP one you want is not awarded funding. However, you cannot be allocated two places during the same application period. If you have chosen an LP place as your first choice, but LP funding is not awarded, you will be offered the next available alternative on your priority list.

Bilateral agreements

Södertörn University has signed a number of bilateral agreements with universities outside Europe. Most agreements that have been signed as bilateral apply to the whole university and are not subject-specific, which often means that you can choose courses freely as long as you are fluent in the language of instruction. The countries in which Södertörn University have bilateral agreements are Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan and the USA.

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