FAQs about credit transfers

This page gathers the questions that are most frequently asked about credit transfers.

Questions about credit transfers

The webpage about credit transfers has links to the rules and routines.

For us to review an application for credit transfer, the applicant must be a student at the university. This means that you must be admitted to and be studying in higher education at Södertörn University.

The processing time for applications is normally no longer than eight weeks. Credit transfer cases that require more extensive investigation may require a longer processing time.

If you have studied specific courses at a Swedish or foreign education provider, and passed them, these may have the credits transferred to higher education at another university. This is not applicable if there is a significant difference between the courses.

  • If you have completed courses from other higher education institutions that would want included in a general qualification.
  • If you have optional courses on your programme. However, optional courses that have been studied abroad must always have the credits transferred (you must apply for a credit transfer).
  • If you have previously studied a freestanding course with the same course code and name as a course on the programme you are studying/have studied.

In the above cases, your studies can be included in a qualification without you needing to apply for a credit transfer, provided that the programme syllabus or local qualification requirements allow this.

A course may not be included in a qualification at the same time as another course with the same or partly the same content, known as overlapping content.

You can submit an e-application by logging into Student-Ladok. Follow the instructions carefully, step by step.

If you can no longer log in to Student-Ladok there are forms you can print out and fill in. Pdf, 155 kB.

Completed forms and attachments can be sent to info@sh.se or to Södertörns högskola, Examen, 141 89 Huddinge, Sweden.

You must upload your documents as PDF files with your application in Student-Ladok.

The webpage about credit transfers on sh.se has the rules and routines for applications for credit transfers. They have information about what should be attached to your application.

Södertörn University is not obliged to provide advance notification about credit transfers. If you would like an answer/decision, you must submit a formal application for a credit transfer.

Prior learning is a person’s collected skills and knowledge, regardless of how they acquired it and regardless of whether they have formal proof of this or not. The validation of an individual’s prior learning, i.e. that it is evaluated and recognised, means that they may receive credits for prior learning to adapt or shorten their period of study. This decision on credit transfer entails that specific knowledge and/or skills may be included in the course or degree programme.

In order for the university to assess your application, you must thoroughly describe your prior learning in relation to all the intended learning outcomes for the course for which you want a credit transfer. This means that you must describe how and in what way each learning outcome has been achieved with the knowledge and/or skills you already possess. Read more about credit transfers for prior learning here. Pdf, 148.2 kB.

All granted credit transfers are registered in Ladok.

You can appeal the decision to reject your application to the Higher Education Appeals Board (ÖNH). Information about how to appeal is sent with the decision.