Group study rooms at the library

In the library there are 10 group study rooms. Students at Södertörn University and The Swedish Red Cross University College may book these rooms.

Group rooms

All group rooms are closed for the time being. The resource roomexternal link, opens in new window, for students with reading impairments, will still be open, for one valid user at a time.

Book a group study room by clicking Book a group study roomexternal link, opens in new window. Log in using your SH account or RKH account, depending on where you study.

Group rooms UB 519, UB 520, UB 521, UB 522 and UB 525 are located on floor 5, which is the entrance floor, in the library. Group rooms UB 618, UB 619, UB 620, UB 621 and UB 622 are located on floor 6.

If the person who has booked the room doesn't turn up after 30 minutes into the session, another group may use the room. Please remember that all rooms are unlocked, so don't leave any valuables unattended.