Printing and copying

Students may print out and make copies using the university’s student printers and copiers. You will receive SEK 100 in printing/copying credit when you start at the university.

Prices for printing and copying:

SEK 0.56 Black/white A4 single side
SEK 1.04 Black/white A4 double-sided

SEK 1.67 Colour A4 single side
SEK 3.26 Colour A4 double-sided

SEK 1.11 Black/white A3 single side
SEK 1.93 Black/white A3 double-sided

SEK 2.50 Colour A3 single side
SEK 4.71 Colour A3 double-sided

Problems printing - refunds

Please visit Infocenter for information about refunds.

Refund of print credit. Log in to your settings in the print system and choose refund for the print that you want to be refunded. Enter cause to the refund. Bad printouts are to be submitted to Infocenter in conjunction with refunds.

Activate your SH-Card for prinitng

  1. Place the card against the card reader.
  2. The display will light up and a box appear with the heading “PaperCut”
  3. Click on the field “Username”. A digital keyboard will appear. Enter your user ID (Username, without “”). Do the same for the “Password” field (the same password you use to login to computers).
  4. Press “Associate Card” in the printer display

Print credit

All students get a print credit of 100 SEK. When you have used your print credit you have to reset it to be able to continue use the printing and photocpoying system.

How to reset your print credit?

Log in to the printing portal and choose Nollställ utskriftskredit. Via the print portal, you can pay 50, 100 or 200 sek with a credit card to repay the credit. If you know that you will print for more than 100 SEK, you have the oportunity to pay 200 SEK.

NOTE! Eventual positive balance in print credit will not be refunded.

There are two print queues in this print portal: StudentPrint and StudentprintColor. All prints sent via StudentPrintColor will be charged with the cost of color printing, regardless of whether the document was black and white or in color.

If you send a color print via StudentPrintColor then be sure to go to a color printer to print the document.

Credit balance will not be refunded if you choose the wrong queue for printing or the wrong printer.

Where are the printers and copiers?

Printers are in UB 515, UB 614, MA 321 (corridor), MA 454 (corridor), ME 252A and ME 252B.

Copiers are in UB 515, UB 614, UB 614 (colour copier/printer) and in the corridors/outside MA 219 (colour copier/printer), MA 321, MA 454, MA 517, MA 636.

Can I print out from my own computer?

Yes, when you are on campus you can print out documents from a private computer via the printing portal. Printouts are in a queue for 24 hours, after this they are removed if you haven’t collected them.

You must be connected to the Eduroam or SHguest network if you want to print documents from your computer.

Questions about the payment system or printing? Contact Infocenter via