Requesting books

All library card holders can request books at the library. Here's how.

Requesting books is free of charge.

To request a book, search for the book in the library search tool SöderScholarexternal link and click on the title. Click the button "Request". This will take you to My loans, where you get to log in and confirm the request.

You can't request day loans, reference books or available course books, neither can you call and ask us to put them aside for you.

We will send you an e-mail when you can pick the book up at the information desk. If you have an external email address, make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder.

It may sometimes seem like a book is on loan for many months, and requesting it may seem hopeless. But, in this case, you should absolutely request the book, as the loan period will then be shortened to 3 weeks from the day you request it.

Read more about borrowing on page Borrow.

Are you a member of the public and not yet a library card holder? Do you wish to request a book before coming to the library? Fill out the form Apply for a library cardexternal link and you can have a temporary library card number sent to your email address.