Every student at the university gets their own SH-Account for the university’s IT environment. Find out how to collect your account – and more.

An SH-Account allows you to log in to SH-StudyWeb (you must be registered on a course to do this), the university computers, and also gives you access to Eduroam, the university’s wireless network.


  1. Collect your SH-Account by following the below steps
  2. Activate multi-factor authentication

You collect your SH-Account using a temporary, single-use password. You can also use this function to reset your ordinary password if you have forgotten it. A temporary password is valid for four hours.

There are various ways to collect your SH-Account:

  • Collect your SH-Account using login details from BankID

If you have BankID you can retrieve a single-use password on screen.

  • Collect your SH-Account with an EduID

If you have a verified eduID account, you can retrieve a time-limited single-use password on your screen.Collecting your account with eduID. For help or questions about eduID, please visit their help page. External link, opens in new window.

  • Collect your SH-Account from Infocenter.

Go to Infocenter and collect a single-use password. You must present valid ID.

If none of the above options work, please contact Infocenter ( Send them your personal ID number.

I do not have a Swedish personal ID number

You can create a verified eduID using eIDAS or Svipe ID and then follow the above steps to collect your SH-Account using eduID.

You will need to visit Infocenter to collect your SH-Account. Remember to bring a valid form of ID and your temporary Swedish ID number.

Your temporary Swedish ID number is in a PDF file under “My pages” on /

Please contact if you are unable to visit the university.

If you have simply been admitted (but not registered), your SH-Account does not give you full authorisation.



You must provide your email address in Student-Ladok External link, opens in new window. so that you can receive email from Södertörn University.

Your SH-Account will be closed when you finish studying

270 days (about one year) after your final registration, you will be emailed about the closure of your SH-Account. It will be closed a few weeks later, unless you are admitted to or registered on a new course or programme at Södertörn University. When your account is closed, any saved files in Office365 OneDrive, and all your personal data linked to your SH-Account will disappear (in accordance with GDPR).

If you want to log in to Student-Ladok after your SH-Account has closed, you can use Bank-ID External link, opens in new window. eller Freja eID External link.. Alumni can access a limited version of Student-Ladok where you can apply for degree certificates, creates certificates or share the information in them.