Every student at the university gets their own SH-Account for the university’s IT environment. Find out how to activate your account – and more.

An SH-Account allows you to log in to SH-StudyWeb (you must be registered on a course to do this), the university computers, and also gives you access to Eduroam, the university’s wireless network.


  1. Collect your SH-Account by following the below steps
  2. Activate multi-factor authentication

You activate your SH-Account using a temporary, single-use password. You can also use this function to reset your ordinary password if you have forgotten it. A temporary password is valid for four hours.

There are various ways to collect your SH-Account:

  • Collect your SH-Account using login details from BankID

If you have BankID you can retrieve a single-use password on screen.

  • Collect your SH-Account with an EduID

If you have a verified account at, you can retrieve a single-use password on screen.

If you have a Swedish personal ID number (yymmdd-xxxx) and are a confirmed user, you can verify yourself using your account. If you have questions about your account or how to get an eduID, visit their help pages External link, opens in new window..

  • Collect your SH-Account from Infocenter.

Go to Infocenter and collect a single-use password. You must present valid ID.

If none of the above options work, please contact Infocenter ( Send them your personal ID number.

I do not have a Swedish personal ID number

You will need to visit Infocenter to collect your SH-Account. Remember to bring a valid form of ID and your temporary Swedish ID number.

Your temporary Swedish ID number is in a PDF file under “My pages” on /

Please contact if you are unable to visit the university.

If you have simply been admitted (but not registered), your SH-Account does not give you full authorisation.



You must provide your email address in Student-Ladok External link, opens in new window. so that you can receive email from Södertörn University.

Your SH-Account will be closed when you finish studying

270 days (about one year) after your final registration, you will be emailed about the closure of your SH-Account. It will be closed a few weeks later, unless you are admitted to or registered on a new course or programme at Södertörn University. When your account is closed, any saved files in Office365 OneDrive, and all your personal data linked to your SH-Account will disappear (in accordance with GDPR).

You can use EduID External link, opens in new window. or Freja ID External link, opens in new window. to log into Student-Ladok after your SH-Account has been removed. Alumni can access a limited version of Student-Ladok where you can apply for degree certificates, creates certificates or share the information in them.