SH-Account and password

Every student at the university gets their own SH-Account for the university’s IT environment. Find out how to activate your account – and more.

An SH-Account allows you to log in to SH-StudyWeb, the university computers, and also gives you access to Eduroam, the university’s wireless network.

Collecting your SH-Account

You can collect a temporary single-use password for activating your SH-Account. You can also use this function to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

There are various ways to collect your SH-Account.

    • Collect your SH-Account using login details from or with an EduID
      If you have a verified account at or, you can retrieve a single-use password on screen.
    If you have a Swedish personal ID number (yymmdd-xxxx) and are a confirmed user on you can verify yourself using your account at
    If you have questions about your account, you can contact them via chat or email. More information is available at link, opens in new window

    If you have a Swedish personal ID number (yymmdd-xxxx) and are a confirmed user, you can verify yourself using your account. If you have questions about your account or how to get an eduID, visit their help pagesexternal link.
    • Collect your temporary one-time password at MedieCenter. You will need to present valid identification.

    If none of the above options work, please contact MedieCenter ( Send them your personal ID number.

    Change the password for your SH-Account

    You can change your password via SH-StudyWeb, Office365 or a computer in an ICT suite.

    When you change your password, it is synchronised across all systems (university computers, DiVA, Office 365, SH-StudyWeb and the university’s wireless network).

    A password must be composed in the following manner:

    1. It must have at least 10 characters.
    2. It must include the following characters:
    • A – Z
    • a – z
    • 0 – 9, blank space
    • the following special characters: ~,!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, (, ), _, +, -, *, /, =, {, }, [, ], |, \, :, ;, ’ (single quote), ” (double quote), <, >, , (comma), . (full stop), och ?
    • do not use Å, Ä or Ö in your password as this may cause problems logging in on some equipment.
    1. Include at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, and at least one special character or number.
    2. It may not include your name or username.

    It may take up to 15 minutes for your new password to work.

    Since you don't have a Swedish personal number, you can't collect the login digitally.

    Do you live in Sweden? In that case you can visit us at MedieCenter and bring a valid ID and the temporary Swedish personal number that is stated on the pdf (on the first page at

    If you can´t find that information, you have to contact Your Study information desk

    If you don't live in Sweden, we need to send you the information for your SH-account.
    In that case we need, in addition to your temporary Swedish personal number, a picture of your ID and a utility bill with your name and address on it.

    It can be an electric, gas, water, TV, broadband or rental bill (but not a mobile phone bill or bank statement).
    The bill mustn’t be more that 3 months old.

    After we receive that, we will send you the account info with regular post.

    If you can’t provide that information, you need to contact Your Study Desk for registration.