Studying abroad – funding and insurance

This section has information about funding and insurance for exchange studies.


It is often enjoyable but expensive to study abroad. There are two common ways of funding studying abroad.

Student finance via CSN

If you are entitled to student finance for studying in Sweden, you are generally entitled to student finance for studying abroad. Student loans can differ from the level in Sweden, depending on the cost of living in the relevant country. CSN’s website has a list of student finance in the most common countries. It is possible to take extra loans from CSN for the journey, insurance and for any tuition fees. Our experience is that most people manage on student finance during a semester abroad, but people often want to take the chance to travel and do things while they are studying abroad, which may mean it is good to have extra money with you.

Contact CSN if you need more information or have further questions. External link, opens in new window.


Södertörn University has no funding of its own for grants to students who want to study abroad. We get funding from the EU for awarding a grant for extra costs to exchange students on the Erasmus+ programme. We get finding from Sida for students on the Linnaeus-Palme programme and Minor Field Studies (MFS).

Global Grant External link, opens in new window., is a grant database that students at Södertörn University can search through free of charge. Log in and search via the library’s databases. You must be on campus to be able to search the database for free.

Insurance – Student UT

The university has signed up to collective insurance with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency – STUDENT UT – for students who are going to study, go on a placement or write an essay abroad. The insurance has wider coverage than the standard personal injury insurance that applies to studying in Sweden. It covers personal injury and also has travel insurance.

The insurance covers some types of studies abroad/placements, but you need to find out for yourself if your time abroad is covered by the insurance.

Read more about the insurance cover on the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s website. External link, opens in new window.

For the insurance to be valid:

  • there must be a written agreement for an exchange or hosting between Södertörn University and a foreign higher education institution, company or other organisation that accepts students or trainees.
  • it will not be approved if you, a student, have drawn up your own agreement. If you are not travelling on an exchange place within the framework of the university’s general exchange agreement, a copy of the agreement for studies or placement abroad must be appended to your application.
  • You must be registered in Ladok throughout your time abroad.

Routines for outgoing students:

  • Students at Södertörn University are automatically insured during their period of study abroad. If you would like a certificate of insurance, please contact
  • For exchange studies, you should append documentation of the semester dates that apply to the period abroad. This could be an excerpt from the host HEI’s website or correspondence between the student and the host HEI.
  • For a foreign traineeship, the student must append a copy of the agreement that was drawn up between a representative from Södertörn University and the host at the foreign organisation regarding the student’s traineeship. The agreement must state the time period that applies to the student’s foreign traineeship.
  • Forms and appended documentation must be submitted to the insurance officer, Ann-Louise Ebérus.

Medical insurance card:

Before the student travels abroad, he or she must have an insurance certificate and a medical insurance card from the university. These are both issued in English.
To receive a medical insurance card, it is necessary to contact the insurance officer at least a month before departure.
The insurance certificate is sent to the student in the post.

If the student has an accident that is covered by the insurance policy:

Print out, fill in and sign an injury claim.
Submit the claim and the original receipts to the university’s insurance officer to sign. The officer send the claim and other documents to Kammarkollegiet.
NB! Claims must be made as soon as possible after the accident. However, the student must often pay the costs first and then request compensation. This is why original receipts must be appended to the claim.

Contact details "Student-UT"

Ann-Louise Ebérus, F613
Södertörn University
- Studentavdelningen -
Tel: +46 (0)8 608 4384
Fax: +46 (0)8 608 4015