Studying abroad independently

The information is for people who want to study at a university with which Södertörn University does not have an exchange agreement, and tells you how you can apply independently.

If you want to study at a university with which Södertörn University does not have an exchange agreement, you can choose to apply there independently, as a freemover. The difference between doing this and having an exchange place via the university is that you are responsible for any tuition fees and all the contacts with the university.

As support, we have provided information here about what to do when applying to study abroad independently.

  • Where do you want to study?
    The first thing you have to think about is where in the world you want to study. External link, opens in new window., a website from the Swedish Council for Higher Education, has general information about studying abroad and links to information about different countries.
  • Read up on the courses and programme you might be interested in
    The best place to read about this is the university’s website. There you can read about the course/programme itself and find out about how to apply.
  • Will your credits count in Sweden?
    You should check that the foreign university is recognised in Sweden, before you definitely decide which one you want to apply to. See the list on the Swedish Council for Higher Education’s website External link, opens in new window.. The university must be recognised in Sweden, otherwise you will not be able to transfer credits for courses there when you get back to Sweden.
  • Contact the university
    Once you have found a university that suits you, it is a good idea to contact them and find out the most relevant information.

Below are a few important things that could be good to know:

  • What are the tuition fees?
  • Are there any grants or scholarships available to cover the tuition fee?
  • Is it possible to apply for a place for one or two semesters or only an entire programme?
  • What documents are necessary to apply for a place?
  • When is the application deadline?

Be clear about who you are and what you want from your communication with the university, for example:

  • If you are already studying in higher education, what have you already studied at this level?
  • Whether you want to go abroad for a shorter period (one or two semesters) or an entire programme.
  • Whether you want to get your degree in Sweden (after completing studying abroad).
  • Apply straight to the university
    If you need any supporting documentation in English (for example, to show that you are a student at Södertörn University), please contact someone at the International Office or Infocenter.
  • Registration during your semester abroad?
    During the semester you spend studying as a free mover at a foreign university (i.e. not via an exchange agreement), you should not be registered at Södertörn University.
  • If you are a programme student, you should take leave from the programme during the semester you are abroad so that you have a guaranteed place for the semester you return. It is important that this leave from studies is registered in Ladok, so you keep your access to the university intranet and your Södertörn University e-mail address.
  • If you are studying freestanding courses at Södertörn University, you should not be registered here while you are abroad. This means that you will not be able to access the university intranet. Please contact Infocenter if this is a problem for you.