Terms and conditions for IT systems

Your SH-Account provides a high level of access to the university’s IT systems. This section describes the terms and conditions for using the systems.

Your SH-Account gives you authorisation to access almost all the software and databases managed by Södertörn University.

You may

  • use the university’s local network
  • participate in conferences on the internet
  • copy licence-free software from the internet to a USB drive, for example

You may not

  • copy material that is under copyright (text may be “reused” if it is properly quoted and the correct source is credited). This means that you may not reproduce pictures, texts or sound without the permission of the copyright-holder. This applies to newspaper articles, books, cartoons, art, music, film – practically everything. See the Swedish Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works (law books are available at the library).
  • insult any (named or otherwise identifiable) person or group. Nor may you send messages with racist or anti-democratic contents. See the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act (law books are available at the library) and the university’s local regulations.
  • infringe, i.e. hack, or disrupt the university’s or others’ systems.
  • establish a register without a permit from Swedish Data Protection Authority. See the Swedish Data Act (law books are available at the library).
  • retrieve, install or forward software that is under copyright.
  • store software or private files on the university’s computers.
  • you may not use the university’s networks to surf websites that may offend others, e.g. pornography or violent images/films.

Terms and conditions of use:

  • You receive personal authorisation in the form of an SH-Account with a username and password for the computer. You may not let anyone else use these.
  • You may not use this authorisation for commercial reasons.
  • You are always individually responsible for the content and design of all communication that uses your authorisation.
  • If you comply with the above terms and conditions you will have access to the university’s IT services throughout your period of study (including time spent abroad and holidays).
  • If you contravene any of the points in this agreement, you may be excluded from the university’s IT system for a specific period or permanently (if a suspected offence is subject to Chapter 10, section 1 of the Swedish Higher Education Act, the case is reported to the university Disciplinary Board for consideration. Suspension may then be from both the IT system and/or your studies).
  • You risk prosecution if you break Swedish or international law.
  • If you are unsure of anything in this agreement, please contact Infocenter.

Other information

It is your responsibility to remain informed about changes to this agreement.

NB! Remember that you must register every semester to keep your SH-Account.