Checklist for new students

We have written a checklist for new students, with everything you need to do before you start studying.

    • Activate your SH-Account
      Once you have been admitted to your studies, an SH-Account with a username is created for you. You need to activate your SH-Account. See SH-Account

    This video describes how to activate your SH-Account.

    The video is in Swedish, but available with English subtitles. (Click on "CC".)

    • Register
      Registration is obligatory. If you have not registered by the deadline you will lose your place on your course/programme. You cannot log in to SH-StudyWeb until after you have registered. Different courses and programmes have different registration processes; some have a roll-call and others have registration via the internet. It is very important that you find out what dates and what process applies to you! Find out about how to register
    • Log in to SH-StudyWeb
      A few days after you have registered, you will be able to log in to Södertörn University’s learning management system, SH-StudyWeb. You can log in to SH-StudyWeb via It is a good idea to click your way around and become familiar with how it works. Read more about SH-StudyWeb
    • Collect your SH-Card
      You can collect your SH-Card after you have an SH-Account (login details) and have registered. You can collect your SH-card by the big entrance by the auditorium on floor 3 from 16 January to 20 January, 08:30-16:00. You must present valid ID. After 21 January you can collect your SH-card at Infocenter. Read more about what your can do with your SH-Card
    • Are you on a waiting list?
      Admission from the waiting list happens when someone who has been admitted to a course or programme turns down their place. Based on selection results, people are called for places in turn. Not everyone who is admitted to a course or programme actually starts, so some of them accept more people than they have places for. This means that they do not start calling people from the waiting list as soon as someone decides not to start. In cases where the university deliberately admits too many students on a course, the first person on the waiting list will not automatically by admitted when someone in the same selection group decides to leave the course. This place is taken by someone in the group of extra admissions. Many academic schools also send letters about roll-call and registration along with practical information to everyone who has been admitted and those on the waiting list who have a chance of being admitted. This information says what you need to do to keep your place on the course or on the waiting list. Roll-call/registration are obligatory and you will lose your place if you do not complete them.
    • Download the Zoom client to your computer/mobile device
      Zoom is a digital tool that the university uses for remote/online teaching. You are likely to have seminars and/or lectures that are conducted at a distance in the autumn semester. Read more about Zoom when studying
    • Join SöderS – Södertörn University’s students’ union
      Joining the students’ union is voluntary and makes your studies a lot more fun. Apart from making lasting friendships, you can also save money thanks to student discounts – and add to your CV. SöderS has the students’ interests at heart. Membership has many benefits, such as eligibility for student housing via the SSSB housing queue, lots of discounts on restaurants, shop and the local MEDFIT gym. Our second-hand bookshop also has cheaper course literature and our pub has great prices.
      Join here: External link.
    • Check the support offered by the university
      If it is the first time you are studying in higher education and you are unsure about how to write essays or hold a presentation, you can go to the Study Support Unit. They will help if you want to discuss your written and oral assignments, receive language support and suggested reading, and can help with everything from style guides to essay writing and presentation skills. You can also talk about study skills, anxieties about public speaking or essay writing. For more information and opening times, see the Study Support Unit’s webpage.

      If you have a disability that entitles you to special support, you are welcome to talk to our coordinator. More information about this is available at Support for students with disabilities. You can also read about the support offered by the library on their webpages.


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