Welcome to Södertörn University!

Your time as a student is approaching, so I hope that you will be making the most of it. I’m Södertörn University’s vice-chancellor and am confident that your time at the university will bring many new opportunities and perspectives, whether you are studying education, aesthetics, philosophy, economics, journalism, computer games design, or any of the other subjects available here.

You have an exciting time ahead of you, with new routines, new favourite hangouts, new friends – and new knowledge. As a student, you are also part of creating and helping develop your courses and your university. Every student’s creativity and commitment is an asset, and I see it as my task to make sure it is given room to grow and benefit others.

I look forward to meeting you and your fellow students in various contexts over the coming years.

Good luck and, once again, a warm welcome to Södertörn University!

Gustav Amberg,


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