Welcome to Södertörn University!

Your studies are ahead of you – my hope is that you will enjoy them and benefit from them. As the vice-chancellor of Södertörn University, I believe that studying brings many opportunities and can provide you with new friends and new perspectives. As a student, you are also part of shaping your courses and your university. I feel that an important part of my job is to ensure that your enthusiasm and involvement is given space and utilised.

I look forward to meeting you and your coursemates in various contexts over the coming years. Our campus is at an exciting phase of its development and we have a library that will support you in your studies and is a natural meeting place for many students.

However, we are currently in unusual and troubling times. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, when the spring semester starts we will only be offering limited teaching on university premises. Our aim is that courses that have practical elements, such as on Police Education, will be held on campus and that new students can have some teaching at the university so you can meet your coursemates and your teachers. Much of the university’s teaching will be conducted remotely, at least in the first weeks of the autumn semester. Your timetable will tell you what applies to you. We do not yet know how things will be for the rest of the autumn, but we are following developments and working hard to provide high quality education while also reducing the spread of infection. We will inform you as soon as we have any new information.

If you have any questions about starting to study, you can find lots of information at sh.se/incomingstudents. There is also information about the activities being planned for the start of the semester and the support the university can offer you. News articles from the university are published at sh.se/studentenglish, including recommendations and FAQs due to coronavirus. To keep your place, it is important that you register on your course or programme. Information about this will be emailed to you within two weeks. You can also read more at sh.se/incomingstudents.

Welcome to Södertörn University and good luck with your studies!

Gustav Amberg


Welcome to SöderS - Södertörn University’s students’ union

Congratulations on your place at university and welcome to the student movement! SöderS is the students’ union for Södertörn University, so we want to tell you a little about what we do. We look forward to all of us making Södertörn University the best and most memorable place to study. Welcome!


SöderS has member associations External link. that will be happy to welcome you to their activities. The associations offer both companionship and a platform from which to work for things you are passionate about. We are also more than happy to help you start new associations!

Improve your education

Are you interested in developing, changing and improving your courses? Come to us at SöderS - we have the tools you need. You could become a student representative External link. and bring the student perspective when discussing and planning your courses.

Problems or inequalities

If you experience difficulties while studying or feel you have been treated unfairly, you are always welcome to contact our student ombudsmen. They can provide help, support and legal guidance about your rights and obligations when you are a student.


SöderS works to improve education at the university, to provide students with security and a good study environment and activities that offer a rich social live adapted for a student budget. Join SöderS External link. and you can help decide what we do, benefit from everything we have to offer and also provide vital support for our work.

You will receive member benefits such as access to the SSSB student housing queue External link., student coupons and discounts at the SöderS second-hand bookshop.

Semester start, spring 2021

During the intro week, the students' union organises activities to welcome new students to the university. . Stay up to date about our digital activities in intro week via soders.nu External link. and our social media!


SöderS has a reception desk in Infocenter. Our office, pub and second-hand bookshop are on level five of the F building. You are always welcome to visit us if you have questions or would like to join!

Opening hours, reception desk (currently only by phone) : Monday - Thursday, 15:00 - 17:00.

Website: soders.nu External link.

Email: info@soders.nu
Instagram and Faceboook: @soders.nu & @sodersnu

Tel: 072-002 53 89

See you in the autumn!

Kind regards,

Jakob Amnér

Chair of SöderS - Södertörn University’s students’ union


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