Welcome to Södertörn University!

Your studies are ahead of you – my hope is that you will enjoy them and benefit from them. As the vice-chancellor of Södertörn University, I believe that studying brings many opportunities and can provide you with new friends and new perspectives. As a student, you are also part of shaping your courses and your university. I feel that an important part of my job is to ensure that your enthusiasm and involvement is given space and utilised.

I look forward to meeting you and your coursemates in various contexts over the coming years. Our campus is at an exciting phase of its development, and we have a library that will support you in your studies and is a natural meeting place for many students.

If you have any questions about starting to study, you can find lots of information at sh.se/incomingstudents. There is also information about the activities being planned for the start of the semester and the support the university can offer you. News articles from the university are published at sh.se/studentenglish,

To keep your place, it is important that you register on your course or programme. Information about this will be emailed to you within two weeks. You can also read more at sh.se/incomingstudents.

Welcome to Södertörn University and good luck with your studies!

Gustav Amberg

Welcome to SöderS!

We are your students’ union – your shelter in stormy weather. We stand up for your rights, guide you when things get rough and help provide high quality education and a thriving campus.

As a member of the students’ union, you have access to the queue for Sweden’s biggest student housing pool, get paid for helping represent others and a members’ discount in our bookshop and our pub. The combined membership and Mecenat card offers you cheaper, simpler studies by gathering all your discounts in the same place.

However, perhaps the most important thing is that you have a guaranteed safety net. If you feel you have been unfairly treated or need guidance during your studies, we’re here for you. The students’ union also has numerous associations, your social safety net, which fill the campus with links to the labour market, parties, lectures and study buddies.

Your membership of SöderS – Södertörn University’s students’ union – is easily sorted via our website, soders.nu. You’ll also find plenty of the information about what we do to make you feel a little extra welcome during the start of the semester.

During your studies, you can find us on level 5 of the F Building, Södertörn University. This is where the students’ union staff, meeting rooms, student pub and bookshop are located.

Welcome to Södertörn University!

Frida Hanslep Kellé, chair


Website: soders.nu External link.

Email: info@soders.nu
Instagram and Facebook: @soders.nu & @sodersnu

Tel: 072-002 53 89


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