SH-StudyWeb is the university’s learning management system and is used for all courses and programmes. It has your courseroom, your timetable, syllabus and reading list.

What’s on SH-StudyWeb?

  • Your timetable
  • Course material, instructions, assignments
  • Digital hand-in boxes for when you submit assignments
  • Ways to contact lecturers and other students via messaging, chat and forums.

New student?

If you are a new student, you can only log in to SH-StudyWeb when you have registered on a course and received an SH-Account.

Delaying login after your first registration

After you have first registered, either via the web or an administrator, it can take a while before you are able to log in. This is the time it takes for your registration to come through the system, so you may need to wait (up to four hours) before you can access your courseroom.

The itslearning app

SH-StudyWeb has an app that you can download for free from Applestore or Google play. Look for the itslearning app. The app is an easy way of keeping track of what’s happening on your course. The app automatically provides you with information when, for example, a teacher has uploaded new documents, set a take-home exam, sent a message or created a hand-in box.

Problems or questions?

Are you experiencing problems with functions in SH-StudyWeb (registering in a group, uploading documents, etc.)? Do you have suggestions for improvements or a general question? Please contact


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