Ladok is a system where you can register for course, see results, collect certificates and much more. It is used at most higher education institutions in Sweden.


As a student at Södertörn University, you can use Student-Ladok to check your personal details, course registrations and results. You can also print out certificates with your exam results and the courses you have passed, both at Södertörn and other universities in Sweden. You can also print out a certificate of registration.

Logging in

You need an SH-Account to log in. You can find out how to activate your SH-Account below.



Every student at the university gets their own SH-Account for the university’s IT environment. Find out how to collect your account – and more.

Certificate of enrolment

If you are studying, or have studied, at Södertörn University, you can get a certificate of results or enrolment if you log in to Student-Ladok.

Changes of address and e-mail

Your name and address is automatically updated in Ladok. However, if this does not happen, please contact You can add a temporary address in Student-Ladok yourself, in the same place as you change your e-mail address.

Name and personal ID number changes

Ladok automatically retrieves names and personal ID numbers from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). If you have a preferred given name recorded in the population register, this is entered in Ladok as your first name. Otherwise, all your given names are entered. If you want to have only one name as a first name in Ladok, you must make sure the Tax Agency records it as your preferred given name.

If you have changed your personal ID number with the Tax Agency and it has not been changed in Ladok, please send an extract from the population register (personbevis) to These are obtained from the Tax Agency.

Ladok regulations

The format and content of the student registry is regulated by an ordinance on study documentation, the “Förordning om redovisning av studier med mera vid universitet och högskolor” (SFS 1993:1153 External link, opens in new window.). Its purpose is to provide a secure environment for student results; this information is also a basis for follow-ups and evaluations, public statistics (SCB External link, opens in new window.) and the allocation of resources.

All information in LADOK falls under the principle of public access. The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN External link, opens in new window.) has direct access to registry information that is necessary for processing applications for student finance.


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