The library is a place for students to sit and study, borrow course literature, find study support or guidance and get help looking for information and literature.

Study environment

The library has a range of study environments for different needs and purposes. There are quiet areas where you can sit in peace, and other areas with bookable group rooms where you can sit with a study group.

Computers and printers

If you are a student at Södertörn University, the library has stationary computers for you to use and laptops that you can borrow. There are two printer rooms where you can print from a library computer or your own, provided that you have a student account to print from.

Study Support Unit

The library also has a study support unit, which offers guidance, courses and lectures in academic writing, academic speaking and study techniques. It also provides help with references and essay writing. Read more about the study support unit here.

Read more about the university library

The library’s webpages have more information about how to borrow books, search for information, print documents and their opening hours and contact information.


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