Careers and study guidance

Do you need guidance with your studies, or before starting to study at Södertörn University? Do you have questions about careers and the labour market? We have study and careers guidance counsellors who can help you with everything from issues about what subject or programme to choose to possible career paths.

What can a study and career guidance counsellor help me with?

A meeting with a study and career guidance counsellor could cover the following areas:

  • the university’s course and programme offering
  • choice of specialisation
  • how you put a degree together
  • eligibility, admissions
  • your study situation
  • planning your studies
  • study leave/non-completion
  • career planning

Opening hours Study and Career Centre

Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30-14:00

Extended opening hours Autumn semester 2019:
Monday September 2 at 12:30-15:00
Wednesday September 4 at 12:30-15:00
Monday October 7 at 12:30-15:00 Wednesday October 9 at 12:30-15:00
Monday October 14 at 12:30-15:00

Study and Career Centre is not open the following dates:
Monday October 21 due to full-day meeting with the department Wednesday November 27 due to Saco Student fairs

Phone hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-11.00, phone number 08-608 50 60

The Phone hour on October 22 is cancelled due to conference.

The university's Study and Career Centre has drop-in times where you can meet careers and study guidance counsellors. The counsellors can help you with the following:

  • Courses and programmes at the university
  • Optional courses on your programme
  • Careers and jobs
  • Your CV and cover letter
  • How to compile courses into a degree programme
  • Other questions related to studying

Information about exchange studies
If you are interested in studying abroad, please contact the international officers at the Study and Career Centre during their opening hours. Read more about exchange studies.

See the opening hours for Study and Career Centre higher up the page.

SH Karriär is a job portal for students at Södertörn University and the university’s contacts in businesses and organisations.

SH Karriär aims to provide students with better opportunities for accessing the labour market, both regionally and internationally. Membership is free. You can register via link, opens in new window. Membership of SH Karriär allows you access to adverts for

  • Full-time work
  • Part-time work
  • Voluntary work
  • Placements and traineeships
  • Proposals for degree projects


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