SöderS – Södertörn University’s students’ union

SöderS is Södertörn University’s students’ union We work for fair, high-quality education, a thriving campus and a sustainable, transparent student movement.

We offer vast opportunities for development, both at a personal level and in your professional role. In addition to making your studies more enjoyable and giving you lifelong friendships, we offer beneficial experience for your working life. Student interests are the focus of SöderS.


The many members’ associations of SöderS welcome students at Södertörn University with open arms. The associations offer both companionship and a platform from which to work for things you are passionate about. For example, why not invite a minister to give a talk, create links to the labour market through external speakers, or organise a party and simply enjoy a great evening with your fellow students. We are stronger together.

Improve your education

Are you interested in developing, changing and improving your programme? SöderS is ready to give you all the tools you need. We can provide the opportunity to represent your fellow students and contribute to bringing the student perspective to the spaces where decisions are made. You can also participate in our EduQ workshop, which is the basis of the issues that SöderS works for at the university, improving the quality of your education and your time as a student. We channel opinions into action.

Student ombudsman

If you experience difficulties while studying or feel you have been treated unfairly, you are welcome to contact our student ombudsman. They can provide help, support and legal guidance about your rights and obligations when you are a student. We are here for you.


SöderS works for the best of all students at the university. However, if you choose to become a member you will receive many benefits, such as access to SSSB’s accommodation queue, discount vouchers, our second-hand bookshop, SöderS Pub, parties and events. Also, the day before student finance arrives, when your wallet is a little empty, SöderS offers its members a free breakfast or coffee.

You can join via our website, or by visiting our office on level 5 of the F Building.

Visit us in our premises on level 5 of the F Building or via our website, External link, opens in new window.



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