Student Service is staffed by students who answer questions about the university on working days throughout the year.

Experienced students at Södertörn University work at Student Service, answering questions on the phone or by e-mail, in Swedish and English. The students answer general questions about the university’s courses and programmes and can help you find information and answer simple questions about admission. NB! We cannot tell you whether you will be admitted to the course/programme you have applied for or whether you have a reserve place!

Student Service can tell you what it is like to be a student and how higher education is different to upper secondary school. They can provide advice about things you should consider during your studies. For example, how many hours you need to study per day to study successfully, how lectures and seminars work, forms of examination, equal opportunities, etc.

Student Service receives many different questions and problems that they try to solve, but they do not have an answer to everything. If you need more specific information they can refer you somewhere else, such, CSN, study information desks, academic secretaries, studiy and sareers guidance counsellors or international officers, etc.

Student Service can also help you order registration and results documents from Ladok. Don’t forget to provide your personal ID number, what you are studying/have studied and an up-to-date postal address.


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