Study Information Desks

The university has three study information desks that belong to different academic schools. Each one is responsible for ensuring that practical matters related to the courses and programmes at the academic school(s).

Students can obtain help with most things relating to studies from the first day of their course to the last one.

At the study information desk, you can:

  • Apply to register on a course.
  • De-register if you want to leave a course, but still be able to apply for it another time.
  • Apply to re-register if you have already studied a course but have credits left to take.
  • Sign out your corrected exam papers.
  • Hand in take-home papers and assignments to be forwarded to the teacher.
  • Certify a document that shows that you are studying or how many point you have taken so far.
  • Apply for a credit transfer on your programme.
  • Apply for approved leave from studies.

In some cases, you can also:

  • Get a timetable for your course.
  • Get a syllabus that describes the modules on the course in more details.
  • Get sample exams as a revision aid.

The study information desk can also help you with contacting a careers and study guidance advisor if you have questions about what to study, or with contacting an academic secretary if you have questions about a specific course.

When the study information desk is closed, the website also provides information about many of the issues that the study information desk can help with.

Study Information Desks

MD 5 – The School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies and the School of History and Contemporary Studies

Subjects at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies:

Biology, Development Studies, Environmental Science, Geography, International Health, Meal Sciences, Media Technology and Tourism Studies.

Subjects at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies:

Archaeology, Archive Studies, Ethnology, History, History of Ideas, Library and Information and the Study of Religions.

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday, 12.30–15.00

Study of Religions -
Archival Science -
Ethnology -
History -
Archaeology -
History of Ideas, contemporary history and heritage -
Media Technology -
Biology, Geography, International Health, Environmental Science, Meal Sciences, Development Studies and International Relations -

MD 579 – The School of Culture and Education, Teacher Education and Police Education


Aesthetics, Art History, Comparative Literature, English, Education, Gender Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Studies in Practical Knowledge, Swedish; Teacher Education and Police Education.

Opening hours:

Monday–Thursday 12.30–15.00.

Friday 12.00-13.00

Culture and Education:
Studies in Practical Knowledge -
English -
Aesthetics -
Philosophy -
Gender Studies -
Art History -
Comparative Literature -
Media and Communication Studies -,,
Education -
Roma Studies -
Swedish -

Teacher Education -

Police Education -

ME 509 – The School of Social Sciences


Business Studies, Economics, International Relations, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Public Law, Social Work and Sociology.

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 12:30–15:00

Business Studies and trade law -
Journalism -
Economics -
Public Law -
Psychology -
Sociology -
Political Science and International Relations -
Supervised placement -

08-608 41 55

Monday-Thursday (not holidays) 13:30–14:30


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