Södertörn University tuition fee waiver

The tuition fee waiver is for students from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland. The Swedish government distributes funding to higher education institutions, which in turn award scholarships to individual students. The tuition fee waiver is intended for programme studies at Master's level at Södertörn University.

Who is eligible?

Students who have applied via UniversityAdmissions.se External link, opens in new window. for a one or two-year Master's programme External link., with Södertörn University as their first ranked choice, may apply for a tuition fee waiver. These are only intended for students who are required to pay tuition fees according to the information on the University Admissions website External link.. The grant awarded through the waiver covers 90% of the tuition fees. Students must cover 10% of their tuition fees and their own living costs.

A scholarship cannot be granted to a student who:

  • Already has a degree from a Swedish higher education institution.
  • Is currently enrolled in a study programme at a Swedish higher education institution.

The complete "Terms and conditions for tuition fee waivers" is available below.


The application period for the 2024/2025 academic year is now closed. The application period for 2025/2026 will be open between November 2024 and January 2025.

Award notification

Applicants will be notified of the result of their tuition fee waiver application in April.

Regulatory basis

Application and selection

  • Applications for tuition fee waivers are made according to the instructions on the university website.
  • A tuition fee waiver may only be granted by the university upon written application and only if the application is complete and arrives before the stated deadline.
  • Applicants are ranked by the university's selection committee on the basis of the submitted documents as well as their transcript of records.

General conditions for tuition fee waivers

  • A tuition fee waiver is awarded on condition that Södertörn University has available funding and that the applicant is considered eligible for the waiver, after careful evaluation of their merits by the University's selection committee.
  • A tuition fee waiver may relate to all or part of the tuition fees and may be granted provided that the recipient is obliged to pay fees.
  • If the student is no longer obliged to pay tuition fees, then the student must immediately inform the university administration (scholarships@sh.se) of this.
  • A tuition fee waiver may only be awarded to a student in full-time studies and who participates in studies on-site (not part-time or distance studies).
  • Only students who apply for a one or two-year Master´s programme at Södertörn University as their
    first ranked choice can receive a tuition fee waiver.

Requirements for continued tuition fee waiver

  • For the tuition fee waiver to continue for a second year, the student must meet the entry requirements for the subsequent term. A new application for a tuition fee waiver must be submitted if there is a late continuation of year 2 studies.

Withdrawal of a tuition fee waiver

  • The tuition fee waiver will be withdrawn if the student is expelled or has submitted incorrect information relevant to the award of the grant. A scholarship tuition fee may be withdrawn if the student is suspended and/or subject to other disciplinary measures.
  • The tuition fee waiver will be withdrawn, and the student may be required to make repayments if the student does not fulfill the requirements of these rules and regulations.


  • Decisions on the award of a tuition fee waiver are issued in April.
  • The applicant must accept the tuition fee waiver within two weeks of being notified in order for the decision to be valid.
  • No appeal may be made to decisions regarding scholarships.