Lotta Tillberg

Lotta Tillberg

Associate Professor

Senior Lecturer

Head of department, School of Police Studies

+46 8 608 43 45 +4686084345

Police Education


Lotta Victor Tillberg is an associate professor in the Theory of Practical Knowledge and leads the department of Police Studies at the School of Police Studies, Södertörn University. Her research focuses on the impact of experience-based knowledge, or practical knowledge, on the development of skills, results and quality. She has years of experience in research into professional skills, specialising in societally important professions such as the police, military, teaching and social work. Since the late 1990s, she has been active in a research project funded by the Swedish Armed Forces that focuses on military professionalism and the use of force. She has been Head of Research for the “Modern Military Profession and the Use of Force” project at the Swedish Centre for Studies of Armed Forces and Society (www.csms.se External link.) since 2011. Lotta has taught and supervised Master’s students in Practical Knowledge for many years and is now principal supervisor for two doctoral students.

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