Vid Södertörns högskola bedrivs forskarutbildning inom fem övergripande forskningsmiljöer: historiska studier, kritisk kulturteori, miljövetenskapliga studier, politik, ekonomi & samhällets organisering samt utbildningsvetenskapliga studier. Här finns också forskarskolorna Baltic and East European Graduate School och Utbildning, lärande och globalisering.

Forskningen vid Södertörns högskola eftersträvar en hög samhälls- och samtidsrelevans i förening med ett aktivt och kritiskt förhållningssätt till det förflutna. Ett viktigt ledord är mångvetenskap. Södertörns högskola ska genom sin forskning bidra till en hållbar samhällsutveckling.

Ett hundratal doktorander verkar idag vid Södertörns högskola. I samband med Akademiskt högtid uppmärksammas och promoveras de som disputerat under det gånga året. Här hittar du information om aktuella disputationer.


Oscar von Seth - litteraturvetenskap

Disputerar 13 maj
Avhandling: "Outsiders and Others: Queer Friendships in Novels by Hermann Hesse". Länk till annan webbplats.


Friendship between men is a key theme in the novels by Hermann Hesse, one of the most widely read German-language authors of the twentieth century and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946. Hesse’s protagonists are usually depicted as outsiders who come to know themselves in an intimate bond with another man. The friend is almost always portrayed as rebellious, beautiful, enigmatic, and inspiring, and comes to play a key role in the protagonist’s personal development and journey through life. Outsiders and Others draws on queer theories and queer concepts to explore how characters in Hesse’s fiction intersect with and connote queerness — such as homoeroticism and nonconformism — and argues that the friendships at the center of Hesse’s stories are queer friendships that challenge heteronormative conceptions of relationality, sexuality, and desire. With readings of the novels Peter Camenzind (1904) and Der Steppenwolf (1927), this thesis demonstrates that queerness is an essential element in Hesse’s frequent depictions of friendship.

Jenny Gustafssons - idéhistoria

Disputerar 20 maj
Avhandling: "Drömmen om en gränslös fred. Världsmedborgarrörelsens reaktopi, 1949-1968" Länk till annan webbplats.


In postwar France, a new movement – Citoyens du Monde – emerged with the aim to unite people across the world around the political target of achieving world peace through dissolving the national borders and establishing a worldwide society. In 1949, Världsmedborgarrörelsen (the World Citizen Movement) was established in Sweden as the 21st branch of the movement and represented the new ism mondialism.

The aim of the study is to understand and explain the ideas that propelled Världsmedborgarrörelsen, and how these ideas emerged, evolved and faded away in relation to the prevailing political circumstances. Theoretically, the dissertation draws on formation of -isms and approaches to political temporality. The study is supported by Hannah Arendt’s posited gap in time between memory and expectation as a crucial precondition for political actors as they temporally orient themselves to establish new policies – and argues that the temporal orientation of world citizens was based on a gap in time filled by the idea that World War II had demonstrated the failure of traditional politics. Furthermore, the would-be citizens of the world forged their political expectations through a ”reactopia”; they presented a utopian political dream to ward off an imagined dystopia of nuclear war. Having experienced World War II and now living under the very real threat of nuclear weapons, Världsmedborgarrörelsen proclaimed that nation states, with their intergovernmental strife and division of people, were paving the way to new wars. By the time Världsmedborgarrörelsen dissolved in the 1960s, it appeared to be a prisoner of its own reactopian temporal orientation. Memories of World War II had faded and the threat of nuclear war diminished. As the new political boundary was drawn between Global North and Global South, the movement found it difficult to mobilise its forces.

Kristin Halverson - idéhistoria

Disputerar 1 juni
Avhandling: Tools of the Trade - Medical Devices and Practice in Sweden and Denmark, 1855-1897 Länk till annan webbplats.


Nineteenth-century medicine is characterised by rapid technological change, new methods of diagnostics and treatments of disease, far-reaching developments in medical science, and professionalisation. This has led to great interest in the period and a large body of scholarly and popular research. However, much of this scholarship studies British, German and French contexts. There is a pressing need to study how knowledge and practice were transferred between regions and how medical technologies were adapted locally.

In this study, I examine changes in medical practice in Sweden and Denmark by centring medical devices, as they were described and discussed in Swedish and Danish medical journals between 1855 and 1897. This is done by exploring the relationships between device, practice, and knowledge in four technological areas and how their use was explained in these journals. The four technological areas are lensed and mirrored instruments for examining the nose, throat, and eyes; orthopaedic treatment; antisepsis according to Joseph Lister; and asepsis. All four areas are well-researched internationally but entail a number of local particularities. These are significant in understanding local circumstances involved in their practical adoption.

The analysis of these areas illustrates that, despite the international exchange of medical knowledge, knowledge was not always translated into practice seamlessly, in particular when involving the use of devices. Because of this, many of the articles exploring these technologies were instructional and attuned to local conditions. Practice unfolded in different ways, accounting for local circumstances. This thesis highlights the importance of examining the proliferation of nineteenth-century medical technologies on the local level and in practice, in order to better understand the practical predicaments involved in their use.

Henrik Ohlssons - religion

Disputerar 3 juni
Avhandling: Facing Nature: Cultivating Experience in the Nature Connection Movement. Länk till annan webbplats.


Through field research in Sweden and Finland between 2017 and 2022, the thesis follows a burgeoning social movement in which connection with nature is seen as a means of both personal wellbeing and ecological sustainability at the societal level. The thesis describes and analyses ideas, practices, organisations, and literature in a contemporary cultural context in the borderland between health practice, environmental activism, and spirituality. It also examines participants' personal experiences and understands both the practice and its social milieu as a cultivation of experience, whereby experiences of nature as alive and communicative are maintained and enhanced. This leads into a discussion of animism in a contemporary Western context, where the thesis aims to develop a multidimensional understanding which takes into account not only ontology and cognitive-perceptual patterns, but also lays emphasis on emotional and ethical dimensions. The thesis employs the concept face, which, in the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, signifies the encounter with subjectivity outside of oneself. In contrast to objects, which can be grasped intellectually and thus controlled and incorporated, the face reveals a reality beyond conceptualisation to which one must relate ethically. The thesis arrives at an understanding of both health and spirituality as states of (relative) openness toward the world and its human and non-human inhabitants.

Simon Magnusson - utbildningsvetenskapliga studier
Disputerar: 7 oktober
Avhandling: TBA

Mats Dahllöv - estetik
Disputerar 21 oktober 2022
Avhandling: Det absolut och det gemensamma. Benjamin Höijers konstfilosofi

Marie Jonsson - idéhistoria
Disputerar 28 oktober
Avhandling: Vad vilja vegetarianerna? En studie av det tidiga 1900-talets vegetarism


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