Teaching Disconnection in the Digital Age


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The project is an attempt to explore the possibilities of teaching disconnection in digital culture and builds on an ongoing research collaboration between lecturers at the iSchool at the University of Toronto and Södertörn University. Tapping into a flourishing international field of research on digital culture, the disconnection project advances existing research and teaching materials and extends the understanding of ‘digital divides’ both theoretically and empirically by looking at disconnection rather than connection. Current scholarship of media life, mediatized worlds and culture of connectivity investigates media ubiquity in all spheres of society and everyday life. Earlier works have focused on moral dimensions of media usage, media usage as spatial practices as well as the entanglement between the lifeworld and the media. In the context of this scholarship the usage of (digital) media technologies is assumed as a presupposition for working and living in the media society

Teaching Disconnection in the Digital Age

Guyard, Carina - Lektor

Alessandro Delfanti, University of Toronto

Sophie Toupin, McGill University

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Institutionen för kultur och lärande Medie och kommunikationsvetenskap Kritisk kulturteori Media


2016 — 2019


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