Time, Memory and Representation

A Multidisciplinary Program on Transformations in Historical Consciousness


Riksbankens jubileumsfond



Time, Memory and Representation is a research program that gathers 25 scholars from 14 different disciplines, for a joint exploration and development of recent transformations in historical consciousness, and its implications for the human and historical sciences. The program is funded by Riksbankens jubileumsfond (The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Donation). It is organized from Södertörn University, but researchers are recruited from all six major universities in Sweden (Uppsala, Lund, Stockholm, Göteborg, Linköping, and Umeå). Further, an international board of experts contributes to Time, Memory, Representation with expertise in various fields covered by the program.

The post-war period has witnessed an increased preoccupation with the role and significance of historical knowledge, and the relation between the present, past, and future. During the last decades, through the linguistic and hermeneutic turn in philosophy, with critical cultural analysis, genealogy, feminist critique of science and established canons, conceptual analysis, and post-colonial “subaltern” questioning of culturally biased narratives, the very way in which history is studied, interpreted, and produced, has become a central academic concern. This academic concern also mirrors a more general growing preoccupation in Western culture with history, with politics of memory, with the cultural heritage, the construction and destruction of memorials.

The program explores this new common territory in three general sections organized along the key words: Time, Memory and Representation. The first section develops the conceptual historical critique of fundamental historical categories, including established chronologies, the second investigates how politics of memory and uses of history shape the relation to the past and explores the existential foundations for historical consciousness, and the third explores how different mediums (literature, film, language) shape and influence historical narratives and representations, and how this orients historical consciousness.

Karlholm will contribute a study which addresses the need within art history to reconsider the standard scheme of historicizing art, with particular view to how “contemporaniety” is and has been understood. The “contemporaneity” to which contemporary art ultimately refers appears less as a temporal sequence than as a contested space of issues of relevance for “us” “here” “now”. The standard mode of art history writing, modelled on 19th-century narratives of unilinear development, is ill suited for assessing contemporary art as a historical-conceptual phenomenon. This art is discursively dissociated from the past as well as the future, and excluded from most art simultaneous with it. To avoid perpetuating historicism by suggesting further neo- or post-isms, the need to critically reconsider this entire scheme of historicizing art is evident. The project will compare a number of historical situations or microenvironments of art over two centuries in order to establish discursive regularities as well as contingent nuances when it comes to situating art to (ones own) time. Building on the work of Jacques Rancière, Niklas Luhmann and Reinhard Koselleck, the intention is to contribute to an understanding of modernity, where new artworks are not merely diachronically linked to previous contenders, but situated in their respective synchronic environments and art systems.

Claudia Lindén - Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

Dan Karlholm - Professor, Professor
School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

Irina Sandomirskaja - Professor, Professor
School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

Marcia Cavalcante - Professor, Professor
School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

Rebecka Lettevall - Associate Professor
Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES), Södertörn University

Staffan Ericson - Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor
School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

Ulla Manns - Professor
Executive Management, Södertörn University

David Gaunt

Fredrika Spindler

Peter Aronsson - Professor in Cultural Heritage and the Uses of History, Linköping University

Jens Bartelson - Professor of Political Science, Lund University

Mats Burström - Professor of Archaeology, Stockholm University

Staffan Carlshamre - Professor of Philosophy, Stockholm University

Andrus Ers, Försvarshögskolan

Victoria Fareld - Assistant Professor, History of Ideas, University of Gothenburg

Kristina Fjelkestam - Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, Linköping University

Johan Hegardt - Associate Professor, Archaeology, Uppsala University

Stefan Helgesson - Professor, English Department, Stockholm University

Alf Hornborg - Professor of Human Ecology, Lund University

Stefan Jonsson, Linköping University

Patricia Lorenzoni - Assistant Professor, History of Ideas, University of Gothenburg

Trond Lundemo - Associate Professor, Cinema Studies, Stockholm University

Anders Olsson - Professor of Comparative Literature, Stockholm University

Johan Redin - PhD, Aestetics, Uppsala University

Jayne Svenungsson - Assistant Professor, Systematic Theology, Stockholm School of Theology

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