New perspective on queer friendship in Hesse's novels

Thesis examines different expressions of queerness

Due to the war in Ukraine

Compiled information due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


26 Sep
30 Sep

Multiplex Realities - VR performance in the library

From September 26 to September 30, a virtual reality performance will take place in the library. The audicence can watch, or participate one person at a time in each of two rooms.

28 Sep

Higher seminar in Social Work

Our new doctoral students Luisa Coelho & Johanna Björksten present their research proposals. Welcome!

28 Sep

Economics seminar: Hot water use and rebound effects in Soviet-era multi-apartment buildings

Xiaoying Li, Södertörn University, will present the study "Tap gap: energy performance gap and rebound effects of hot water use in the Soviet-era multi-apartment buildings", co-authored with Andrius Kažukauskas, Vilnius University.

29 Sep
30 Sep

Rethinking sexuality in Nordic and Post-Soviet contexts: A symposium

This symposium gathers Nordic and Post-Soviet scholars in gender and sexuality studies at the intersection of media studies, human geography and history, with an emphasis on transnational perspectives on sexuality, past and present. Two days of invited speakers and discussion, free of charge!

03 Oct

Overlooked Project of Women’s Liberation in Socialist Eastern Europe?

CBEES Reading Seminar with Anita Pluwak, and Teaching Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

04 Oct

Cutting the Copper Lines

Informal Economies and Material Politics at the End of Life of Communication Networks in Sweden. Higher Seminar in Media and Communication Studies with Julia Velkova, Linköping University

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