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Scandinavian Public Diplomacies Beyond State Actors

Workshop in the workshop series ”Scandinavian Internationalist Diplomacy”, 23-25 February 2021, Södertörn University

Organizers: Carl Marklund and Andreas Mørkved Hellenes

The first post-war decade saw the earliest institutionalisation of Scandinavian public diplomacy, although roots stretch back to the interwar years. The new institutions relied on the assistance of other actors representing the mainstream internationalism of cultural relations and international trade, as well as the Scandinavian popular movements. These internationalisms not only co-existed with the state-administered public diplomacy but were co-constitutive on an organisational level and entangled in the activities pursued by the states abroad. The interface and exchange between different forms of diplomacy – traditional, public, economic, military, social and citizen diplomacy – are understudied at present. We wish to address the spectrum of divergent diplomatic practices in the plural – public diplomacies – by specifically investigating the state-civil society nexus in Scandinavia and beyond. This nexus was not leasta result of the small size of the national elites; personal contacts and networks were easily transplanted from the national to the international level. This workshop will explore how the emergence of the international field allowed for a variety of methods and multi-positionalities for Scandinavian diplomatic entrepreneurs, sometimes acting in their own name, sometimes in the name of the state, and often in interplay between the two. The workshop sets out to go beyond the study of statist public diplomatic action and expand the notion of the public diplomat to involve non-governmental actors, movements and corporations. We therefore welcome papers that study for example:
• The organisation and institutionalisation of Scandinavian public diplomacies as contested fields between political, economic and cultural national interests and internationalist ideas of cooperation and exchange
• Scandinavian cooperation in joint public diplomacy efforts in international sites – agendas, arenas, events and organisations
• The role of the Scandinavian popular movements in spearheading internationalist initiatives at home and abroad
• Alternative Scandinavian internationalisms within transnational networks independently or in coordination with the publicly sponsored varieties

Tid och plats

23 februari 11:00 - 25 februari 12:00


Södertörn University, hitta hit


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Institute of Contemporary History



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