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Torbjörn Rolandsson, (SU) PhD Candidate:"Public service radio journalism in-between infrastructures"

All seminars will be held via Zoom at 13:00-14:30 unless otherwise announced. Titles in Swedish will generally be held in Swedish. More information about each seminar and Zoom links will be sent out separately, contact.

Torbjörn Rolandsson, (SU) PhD Candidate: "Public service radio journalism in-between infrastructures"

Swedish public service radio increasingly utilizes digital rather than analogue technologies and platforms to produce and disseminate journalism. In connection with this shift, established and agreed upon journalistic techniques and objects of knowledge are destabilized, as the materialities they once relied on (Macho, 2013) are transformed or disappear. In his ongoing dissertation, Rolandsson employs an ethnographic methodology to investigate some of the exploratory spaces (Krämer & Bredekamp, 2013) where emergent techniques of public service journalism are negotiated in the nexus of old and new technologies, organizational policies and the professional ideologies of journalists and programmers. For example, in cross-functional teams consisting of programmers, designers and journalists, ideas about journalistic deadlines become contested. Furthermore the company-wide policy promoting "Putting sound in focus" engenders novel forms of making radio journalism, as well as ways of representing radio journalism, in a media ecology that is perceived to favor visual expressions.

Tid och plats

18 mars 13:00-14:30

Högre seminarium

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Arrangeras av

Arrangeras av journalistiken vid Institutionen för samhällsvetenskaper, Södertörns högskola.



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