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Docentföreläsning: 20 maj. Liudmila Voronova

Journalism cultures in/through a dialogue: persons, practices, and processes

The concept and analytical model of a journalism culture (Hanitzsch 2007, Melin 1991, Zelizer 2005) in recent decades have provided the necessary link between the institutional and the culturological perspectives on journalism, allowing for studies that are journalism- and journalist-centered, yet, acknowledge the crucial role of the broader cultural, political, and economic context, making the model especially attractive for comparative studies (e.g. Hanitzsch et al. 2019, Nygren and Dobek-Ostrowska 2015). Journalism culture is defined as “a complex web of meanings, rituals, conventions and symbol systems” (Zelizer 2005, p. 198) and “a particular set of ideas and practices by which journalists legitimate their role in society and render their work meaningful” (Hanitzsch 2007, p. 369). In the lecture, I will make an overview of how journalism culture is applied as a prism in different sub-fields of journalism and media studies, such as media and migration, journalism and conflict, gender and media, and photography and education. Drawing on results from several research projects with a focus on Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine, I will reflect on dialogue as a metaphor allowing for a better understanding of journalism cultures in different contexts, as well as the processes behind not only journalistic products, but also the formation of journalistic identities.

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20 maj 12:00-14:30

Övrigt, hitta hit


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