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Anti-war Activism in Russia and Among Russian Citizens Abroad

– Strategies, Challenges and Potentialities | CBEES Roundtable is aimed to discuss different aspects of civic activism against the Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The event is conducted both on-site and online - see more details below.

The roundtable brings together researchers and representatives of several networks and digitalised platforms and organisations created by Russian emigrants outside of Russia. It opens a possibility for discussing strategies of protest against the war, anti-war solidarities and challenges that the activists are meeting. For example, who is participating in anti-war activism? What tactics were most successful? What are the main problems?

The aim is centred around different aspects of anti-war activities, particularly the feminist anti-war resistance and civic activism in the Northern Caucasus.

  • Elena Rodina, holds a PhD (2019) in Communication Studies from Northwestern University. Prior to academia, Dr. Rodina worked as a full-time, Moscow-based socio-political correspondent (Ogoniok, Esquire Russia) for over six years. Her academic interests lie in the area of global political communication and sociology of media, and one of her geographic areas of expertise is the North Caucasus of Russia. She works at an international human rights organization where she monitors and researches the developments of freedom of expression and human rights in Eurasia. 
  • Irina Kosterina, PhD, used to work as Program Coordinator for the Democracy and Gender Program at the Moscow office of Heinrich Böll Foundation for 13 years supporting NGOs and developing grass-roots initiatives. She is a founder and trainer of ‘Sustainable activism’ – the largest project for psychological support of Russian activists, human rights defenders and independent media-specialists. Her specific areas of expertise are grass roots activism and civil society in Russia, gender equality and women’s rights, and the North Caucasus.
  • Alexandra/Sasha Talaver, Ph.D. candidate (CEU, Vienna), currently at the Free University Berlin. She explores the opportunities, limitations, and tactics of women Soviet Women’s Committee members in advocating for reproductive justice. Aside from her academic work, Sasha is involved in feminist activism and is one of the coordinators of the Feminist Anti-war Resistance.
  • Anti-war activist, Sweden (TBA)

You can join the event on-site or register for online webcasting (in Zoom):


Tid och plats

31 januari 2023, 16:00-18:00

MB 505 , hitta hit


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