Martin Jonsson

Martin Jonsson



Programansvarig för masterprogrammet Användarupplevelse och Design av Interaktiva Medier (User Experience and Interactive Media Design). Ledamot i Fakultetsnämnden

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Associate professor in Media technology and with a PhD in Computer and Systems Sciences at the School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, Södertörn University in Stockholm.


My research resides primarily within the areas of conducted in the field of interaction design and human-computer interaction, and more specifically on sensor based and embodied interaction. In 2007, I defended my dissertation focusing primarily on the design of new services for collection, transportation and transformation of sensor data, and a social perspective, focusing on different ways of adapting and incorporating sensor-based systems into existing practices. During the years after my dissertation, my research focus has gradually shifted towards experiential and pedagogical aspects of tangible and bodily interaction. This research is grounded in both technological innovation in embedded computing and sensing as well as in HCI-related theories on physical and embodied interaction and design oriented research. During my employment at Södertörn, I have conducted research in a number of externally funded research projects. In the Wallenberg Foundation funded "Wii-Science" project, of which I was also project manager together with prof. Terry Winograd at Stanford University, we explored how sensor-based technologies for video games can be used in educational contexts for children, for example to learn about scientific concepts such as energy and force.
In the Swedish research council funded project "Embodied programming" we explored how programming activities can be reframed as physical and social activities, opening up new understandings of how programming can be learnt and taught and how new tools for digital creation can be developed. The project "New scenes for children’s culture, with bodily engaging interactive technologies” funded by the Baltic Sea Foundation , where I was both main applicant and project manager, focused on how physical interactive technology can be used to create new interactive services aimed at children within the domain of childrens culture.
Recent research efforts have been tied to two projects situated at the Mobile Life VINN Excellence research centre at KTH. At the centre I have been co-managing two projects; the SOMA project - Somaesthetic Experiences founded by the Swedish foundation of strategic research, focusing on the design of aesthetic bodily experiences, and the Vinnova funded Arts and Craft project focusing on traditional crafting practices and craftsmanship in relation to novel interactive materials. The research in these projects extends on my previous interests in physical and sensor-based interaction, but with and increased focus on the aesthetic qualities of interaction. My ongoing research within this domain addresses research questions such as how to incorporate felt bodily experiences in design research projects, related to specific interaction modalities, such as heat, ambient light and sound. Other ongoing activities concerns the development of methods to support the articulation of bodily experiences, and the formulation of design qualities, aiding the design of somaesthetic experiences.


In my role as lecturer at Södertörn University, I hold and develop courses at bachelors, masters and doctoral level. I have for a number of years worked as program coordinator of the masters program Interactive Media Design IxMD, where I am teaching on the majority of the courses. I am also active in the IMD (IT Medier och Design) bachelor program, where I have been developing and teaching courses in programming and interaction design.

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