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Teacher Education

Graphic element for the subject of Teacher EducationWelcome to Teacher Education at Södertörn University – an education that reflects the present day and prepares you for the future!

The various Teacher Education programmes lead to work in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools or extended school centres. You can become a qualified primary or secondary school teacher.

Our teacher education is located in an internationally mobile urban area and cooperates with neighbouring municipalities. An intercultural profile and the encouragement of liberal education characterise our degree programmes. Teachers from the entire university participate in Teacher Education, contributing to a high level of specialised knowledge among the university's researchers and doctoral students.

About the teacher education

The seminar is one of our most important teaching forms in developing your own thinking and communication skillsOur degree programmes

Our degree programmes lead to work in pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, upper-secondary schools or extended schools. Your own writing and speaking have an important place in your education, so the development of speaking and writing is covered in several courses. The shortest degree programme covers five semesters and the longest takes eleven semesters. All of our programmes include theoretical courses, placements and independent projects.

Two profiles

Two unique profiles influence our degree programmes:

  • Interculturality
  • Liberal education

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Meet our specialists on the theoretical courses

Specialists at the university teach on the theoretical courses, giving you the best possible circumstances for the development of new knowledge, skills and approaches. The seminar is one of our most important teaching forms in developing your own thinking and communication skills; it is a teacher-led discussion forum at which you can air different themes on each course.

Children and staff in preeschoolPlacements

Placements are located in municipalities around Stockholm and in a couple of neighbouring municipalities. You will have several placements during your education. Your first placement will be during the first semester, and will coincide with you receiving a personal supervisor at the preschool, school or extended school centres. You will also have a mentor at the university who will meet with you and your supervisor to support you in your development to a professional teacher.

Your interests influence your independent project

In your independent project you examine issues that are relevant to your future career. Your independent project is based on your educational interests and may deal with topics such as grading, mathematical difficulties or language development.


Research and third-cycle education in Educational Science is conducted in close collaboration with Teacher Education. Teacher Education is an academic, professional education that is a good foundation for a successful career, but which also provides an excellent basis for those who wish to advance their studies in Education towards completing a PhD.