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The Institute of Contemporary History

Graphic element for the Institute of Contemporary HistoryThe Institute of Contemporary History (Samtidshistoriska institutet) is a multi-disciplinary research institute at Södertörn University.

Our research focuses on current issues in society and political culture, such as parties and institutions, power shifts, global governance, the role of civil society, gender politics, trends in public administration, and the history of the Baltic Sea area. We have a strong interest in domestic questions, as well as issues on the transnational and the international level.

We participate in regional and global networks and frequently welcome visiting researchers to our research environment.

About us

The Institute of Contemporary History (Samtidshistoriska institutet, SHI) at Södertörn University is a leading research centre for contemporary history in Sweden, with a strong interest in both domestic questions and issues on the transnational and international level.

Our institute is an active, multidisciplinary research environment with about twentyfive researchers and doctoral students participating in various projects. It is part of the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies at Södertörn University. The institute was founded in 1999.


The Director of SHI, Ylva Waldemarson, is responsible for day-to-day activities.

Leadership team

A leadership team supports the Director. Meetings take place once a month.

The leadership team currently includes Ylva Waldemarson, Director of SHI
Håkan Blomqvist, Norbert Götz,  and Steffen Werther.

We regularly organise conferences and seminars for researchers and the general public. Apart from the conferences and workshops, most of our activities are held in Swedish.

Faculty seminars
Faculty seminars are arranged regularly (twice a month). The faculty seminars are usually held in Swedish.

To see the programme, please visit our Swedish website.

Contact: Norbert Götz, norbert.gotz@sh.se

Witness seminars
The Institute of Contemporary History has arranged several witness seminars since 1998.

Different stakeholders are invited to give their version of particular events in an exchange of views with researchers. The purpose of the seminars is to create new source material and to help initiate new research. Our witness seminars are held in Swedish.

Contact: Ylva Waldemarson, ylva.waldemarson@sh.se

Open lectures and open seminars
The institute of Contemporary History arranges a few open lectures and seminars every term. These are usually held in Swedish, but are occasionally in English.

Contact: Håkan Blomqvist, hakan.blomqvist@sh.se

To the right is a list of international conferences and workshops that we have hosted. A complete list of our conferences can be found on our Swedish website.

Contact: Ylva Waldemarson, ylva.waldemarson@sh.se