About Södertörn University

Students outside the main entrance of Södertörn University.Södertörn University provides high quality research and education at all levels, offering a friendly atmosphere and an inspiring environment. Our modern, attractive campus is located in Flemingsberg, 19 minutes from central Stockholm on the commuter train.

Södertörn University combines interesting subjects to make engaging and often unique degrees. We offer 250 courses and 70 programmes, and currently have 11 000 enrolled students. We conduct education and research in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural science. We also offer teacher education with an intercultural profile. Research into the Baltic region and Eastern Europe forms a knowledge environment that is among the best in the world.

Södertörn University’s Governing Board

The governing board is the university's top decision-making body and has fifteen members.

The chair and seven members represent public interests and are appointed by the Swedish government. Three members are selected by the teaching staff and three are appointed by the students' union; one of these must be a doctoral student. The vice-chancellor is also part of the governing board. The trades' union organisations have the right to attend meetings and to voice opinions.

Members are appointed for three years, with the exception of the student representatives who are appointed for one year. The current period of office is 1 May 2017 - 30 April 2020.

Högskolestyrelsen 171206

Public interest representatives

Minoo Akhtarzand, County Governor of Västmanland - chair
Lars Burstedt, former University Director, Stockholm School of Economics
Maria Johansson, Professor, Stockholm University of the Arts
Sari Ponzer, Professor, Karolinska Institutet
Joakim Rosengren, President & CEO DeLaval International AB
Karthrine Skretting, Vice-Chancellor of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Björn Åstrand, Senior Lecturer, Umeå University
Ebba Östlin, Mayor Botkyrka

University representatives

Gustav Amberg, Professor, Vice-Chancellor of Södertörn University
Henrik Bohlin, Associate Professor
Sara Sjöling, Associate Professor
Maria Wolrath-Söderberg, Senior Lecturer

Group substitutes:
Adrienne Sörbom, Associate Professor
Karin Milles, Associate Professor

Student representatives

Alexander Stagnell, Doctoral Student
Oskar Wiik, Acting Chair, SöderS students' union
Josefin Stern, Acting Deputy Chair, SöderS students' union

Employee representatives with the right to attend meetings and voice opinions

Antonia Ribbing, SACO
Jonatan Spejare, ST
Henry Wölling, SEKO

Secretary: Charlotte Svegrell, University Support Services