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Översättbarhet; estetik och det offentliga rummets förvandling i globaliseringens tid

In this age of globalization, all cultures may seem connected with one another. The question what is to be considered "original" and what is to be regarded as a translation may no longer seem relevant. All cultures are continuosly being transformed through an ongoing process of translation.

Rather than considering the question of translation as an inevitable process, however, we may take issue with it. What is translation? Are there limits to translatability? What kind of resistances to translatability way we encounter? Walter Benjamin, in his famous essay, “The Task of the Translator”, argues that every text contains the potentiality of its own translation – a translation that has less to do with linguistic forms than with a potential meaning that can be transposed from one culture to another. The idea of cultural translation implies that different art forms communicate with one another, between cultures. However, we must critically engage with remainders that remain resistant to translatability.

The research project Translatability; aesthetics and the transformation of the public sphere in an era of globalization aims to link theories of cultural translation to the practice of exhibition and publishing. Gathering curators, researchers, critics, artists and writers, we will examine the question of translatability from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view. Serving as an example, Brazilian art and literature will offer a focus. The issue to be examined however, is not limited to a certain region. The issue of translatability will be examined from numerous viewpoints, discussing the impact of geography, history and politics among factors that determine cultural translation..

Translatability; aesthetics and the transformation of the public sphere in an era of globalization is a collaboration between Bonniers Konsthall, Albert Bonnier Publishers and the department of aesthetics at Södertörn University. As well as organizing seminars and talks, the project will result in an exhibition, a book, and articles.





Cecilia Sjöholm
Institutionen för kultur och lärande

Personer knutna till projektet

Rebecka Thor
Institutionen för kultur och lärande

Katya Sandomirskaja, kandidatstudent i estetik, Södertörns högskola

Bonniers konsthall

Albert Bonniers förlag

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Projektstart: 2009
Projektslut: 2012

Finansiär: KK-stiftelsen

Projektet har Östersjö- och Östeuropaanknytning: Nej

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