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Negotiating Knowledge: European Muslims between competing worldviews

People’s worldviews are the result of negotiations on several levels. In our daily life, we meet various types of knowledge that we aware or unaware judge and use. This affects our identities and our relationship to other people. In the late modern, globalised world, such negotiations are particularly apparent. For example in big cities where people of various cultural, religious, linguistic backgrounds live together. The pluralism that exists today in many European cities, lead to discussions about public values and worldviews, where nothing is “given”. From one perspective, this can be described as a conflict between various traditions regarding knowledge, where public schools are one part. The schools are not the sole authority when it comes to knowledge. The schools are challenged by other traditions in questions regarding ethics, religion and worldviews in general. Not the least religious organizations contribute to a pluralisation of worldviews and the internet and other modern means of communication offer alternatives.

The Muslim population in Europe grows and even though secular ideologies dominate public space to a large extent, there are many who are attracted to religious explanations and life-styles. This project aims to study some aspects of contemporary Muslim ideological development that is prevalent in Europe and may affect young people’s views on issues such as democracy, evolution, gender and so on.


In: Shi‘i Islam and Identity. London & New York : I.B. Tauris, 2012. 9-23.

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David Thurfjell

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